Collaborative Functional Medicine

Personalized Holistic Healing
for your Physical & Mental Health Concerns

About Sarah Poston Family Nurse Practitioner

committed to supporting people on their healing journey

Sarah Poston MSN, FNP-BC has over 30 years experience supporting people in their healing process. Located in Boulder, CO , she has full prescriptive authority and offers personalized, in-depth evaluation, and treatment. Careful integration of traditional and holistic approaches, including nutritional and lifestyle counseling, and ketamine assisted therapy are offered. She works in partnership bringing compassion and individual attention to each patient and their individual journey.  + More about Sarah Poston.

Integrative Psychiatry

With integrative psychiatry we are looking for root causes of symptoms, minimizing the need for medications over time, and seeking methods to resolve and heal issues.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

A transformational approach for working with “treatment-resistant” depression, PTSD, many forms of anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, and existential challenges.