Integrative Psychiatry 

Traditional psychiatry uses medications and to a lesser degree therapy for long-term management of depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, panic attacks, and mood swings, etc.

Generally clients are put on medications for symptoms without addressing a long-term plan for healing what is underneath the symptoms.

With integrative psychiatry we are looking to minimize medications over time and seek methods to resolve and heal issues.  

I start with a comprehensive assessment, teasing out the root causes. There is often a combination of genetic, physiologic, trauma, early developmental challenges, and life experiences.

I utilize functional lab testing to assess the gastrointestinal system, thyroid, reproductive hormones, adrenals, genetic markers, food sensitivities, nutritional status, and other labs as needed. Individual tests are based on the specific client. I do not do “one size fits all” approaches. I also modify testing based on clients financial capacity and desire.

We now understand there is an interconnection between all aspects of our body, mind, and spirit. For example: depression, anxiety, and mood swings can be aggravated by diet, genetics,  gastrointestinal imbalances, and lifestyle factors.

For this reason I cast a wide net with my assessment process. I then help clients prioritize what to focus on. It is my desire to work with clients in partnership. You are coming to me because of my expertise AND you are the expert on yourself!  We can co-create a plan and adjust based on your response to the treatment.

I have extensive experience helping clients safely taper off psychiatric medications. I provide lifestyle and nutritional counseling, and utilize supplements to help taper medications.  I can also use natural approaches for the treatment of psychiatric issues without prescribing medication. I am sensitive to the cost and burden of taking too many supplements. I attempt to put people on the smallest amount possible and provide a plan for length of treatment. My goal is to help people heal and find reasonable long term plans.

Integrative Psychiatry Boulder Colorado Sarah Poston

 I am a good fit for you if you want:

  • A fresh perspective on your care
  • To address the underlying causes of your issues
  • To minimize the need for medication
  • To be an active participant in your care
  • Personalized care targeted toward your specific issues
  • To work with someone who thinks outside the box
  • Transformational change
  • Are Psychiatrically stable (not needing hospitalization or emergency care)


Collaboration with other clinicians is an important part of my process as well. I make careful referrals to therapists, nutritionists, and other types of healers when needed. I also create and work with teams when needed.