After years in traditional talk therapy I began seeing Sarah to determine whether my circumstances were appropriate to  receiving Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAP).  She collected a thorough history and after thoughtful discussion and consideration, I began KAP treatment with Sarah about six months ago.  After experiencing immediate therapeutic results, under Sarah’s care my condition has continued to steadily improve and I have achieved results I was not able to previously imagine possible.  Sarah is patient, intentional and compassionate in her approach.  Her warm professionalism is complimented by an environment that is comfortable and inviting, creating a safe and secure space for deep personal transformation.  I highly recommend Sarah to any are ready to take the next step in their therapeutic journey.


“I have worked with Sarah Poston in a number of ways over the last ten years. She is a quality provider for medical, integrative and mental health services. I have always found her to be deeply available and fully present. I have attended a number of training’s with her and know her quest for knowledge to be consistent and sincere. More than that I really like her as a friend and colleague. She has a big heart and a good head. Sarah lives balance and radiates warmth. I wholeheartedly endorse her services.”
Scott Shannon, MD

Integrative Psychiatrist, PRATI - Psychedelic Research & Training Institute

“I have been a client of Sarah, consistently, for the past 12 years and have received miraculous healing from her throughout this time. Sarah sees her clients more than just patients, she makes an effort to get to know them thoroughly on all levels and makes them feel truly cared for. She has a very deep understanding of the spiritual journey and is great at providing deep, yet simple, intuitive explanations as to the challenge the client is going through at each stage. She has inspired me over the years to take charge of my healing journey and be proactive in facing the challenges of my life.”

“Sarah Poston FNP worked for me for 5 years before going out on her own, and I can confidently say that she cares deeply for her patients, has a unique blend of clinical skills, and can be trusted to go the extra mile to provide personalized care.”

Will Van Derveer, MD

Founder of Integrative Psychiatry Institute , Integrative Psychiatry Center of Boulder

“Sarah is a multi-talented, caring and intelligent care provider with a large toolbox. She has extensive training in multiple modalities, sciences, and therapies and can treat such a wide range of issues. She cares a lot about her patients and helping them find their deepest level of health possible. I refer patients to Sarah for lab testing, intelligent psychiatric prescribing, and for comprehensive holistic medical care. Sarah is a great choice for your health care needs!”
Elizabeth Astor

MSOM,LAc,CHom, Essential Wellbeing

“Sarah has been a fixture in my life for years now.  Her style is warm and attuned. She is open and caring, and I always leave her office feeling supported to the very core of my being.  I trust her without reservation. In Sarah, I know I have a steadfast ally on my journey. She has helped me navigate some very difficult times in my life with wisdom, skill, and empathy. “

Boulder, CO

“Sarah Poston has been my nurse practitioner for many years. In those years, she has applied her vast knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine to help me with my various physical and psychological concerns. She is a superb listener and very patient. She is willing to try new approaches. I know that I am in good hands. I trust her completely.”

“Sarah is an amazing practitioner in so many ways. I have had the honor of working with her on wellness teams with at-risk teens and am always in awe of her capacities to connect with the teens in such a genuine and honest way. I was so impressed that when it was time to seek out a professional to guide my teenage daughter in her birth control choices it was a given that I’d send her Sarah’s way. What a gift she is. “
Leslie Potter

Purejoy Parenting, LLC

“Sarah is one of the most brilliant and kind physicians I have ever had the privilege of working with. I used to dread going to see the doctor because of how cold and unknowledgeable they can be, but it’s been the complete opposite with Sarah. She’s the first prescribing physician that not only had confidence in my ability to come off of psychiatric medications, but actually gave me healthy and effective replacements for those meds to help the withdrawal be a successful one. She believes in your ability to heal AND knows how to support your body so that you have the best chance possible of reaching your health goals. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone looking and ready for a high-quality, highly collaborative, integrative approach to wellness.”

“Sarah has taken more time to get to know me and customize my treatment plan than any other provider I’ve ever had. She skillfully combines her extensive knowledge with her natural compassion and truly does treat the whole person. She takes my mental health, my physical limitations, and my finances into account whenever she recommends new treatments, and keeps up-to-date with advances in both holistic and traditional medical advances. “

“I highly recommend Sarah Poston because of her down to earth presence, her in-depth knowledge and her compassion.  She is very reassuring in confusing times, and because of her functional medicine approach, she seeks to find natural ways to support health and balance.”
Sallie Robinson-Ward

Phd, LPC, Deep River Healing Arts

“Sarah is knowledgeable about natural medicine and traditional allopathic approaches to both physical and mental health needs. I’ve found her to be a warm and capable ally who has gone the extra mile in lending expertise and support towards optimal wellness and healing. She and her staff are helpful, professional, and always return calls and emails promptly.”

Boulder, CO