Fee Schedule


New Patient Consultation

Initial 90-Minute Consultation: $900.00

Low-Complexity (60-Minute) Consultation: $500.00


Therapy Only

50 – 60 minutes: $300.00

65 – 75 minutes: $375.00

80 – 90 minutes: $450.00

Follow up Appointments

50 – 60 minutes: $350.00

35 – 45 minutes: $300.00

20 – 30 minutes: $200.00

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

Per 60 minutes: $300.00

IM Ketamine Injection Fee: $100.00


PAYMENT IS EXPECTED AT TIME OF SERVICE, cash, debit, or credit cards accepted.  


I am not in a provider contract with any insurance companies, I am considered an out of network provider. If your insurance will cover an out of network health provider, I will prepare a monthly billing statement for you to submit to your insurance company. You will be required to pay me directly for each session and you will be responsible for receiving your reimbursement from your health insurance company. Be aware that your insurance will likely require that I provide a mental health diagnosis. And they may not cover the full amount.

Reduced Fee

Reduced fee services are available on an individual basis. I will happily work with individuals and families to find a fee structure that works. I will assess each client’s needs individually and I reserve the right to not offer a reduced fee if I don’t have the space in my practice. Please inquire about the possibility of a reduced fee if you feel it necessary.